my love is building a building

Inspired by ee cumming’s poem of the same name, as well as T.S. Eliot’s East Coker, this work examines the act of preservation as both beautiful and foolish, and looks towards an acceptance of emptiness. Here objects become words that I arrange to direct meaning, not unlike a poem. The resulting array of seemingly disparate objects are brought together, at the very least, by their shared emptiness and nod to the absent. Fragility is also a common exploration, as it is in this quality that resilience is realized.

Much of Eliot’s work is not without a critical self-awareness of his failure to capture and articulate the elusive and fleeting. The attempt to recover what is perpetually being found and lost again is what drives us forth. Likewise, I like to think of my “buildings” in the on-going, verb sense of the word, as I find in the end, the objects are often vacant and always temporary. They are my ‘tryings’ through which I am propelled forward by a perpetual failure and hope to hold the transient and to articulate the articulable.